New Zealand, week 1

I haven’t had much time to write and even less internet access so I’ve been slow in getting any updates here. Friends on Facebook have gotten a few photos so I thought I should add some here as well. Stay tuned for more to come!

 Our first week consisted of two days in Auckland, a little riding and a little visiting with Brendan and Jenna, picking up the camper on the 5th of January and then hitting the road. We made our way down the west side of the North Island for a bit; enjoying the views and learning to drive on the left. Our first stop was at Bill’s Roadhouse in Oparau. Free and friendly, a perfect combination to start. While in the area we checked out the local falls, caves and other rock formations. Then we headed to the Rotorua area for some mountain biking… stay tuned, I’ll get to that in the next entry!

Oparau Roadhouse… a perfect introduction to free camping in NZ
Sunrise @ Oparau

Bridal Veil Falls
Natural rock bridge
looking up at stalactites
A 1982 air-cooled Vanagon, sleeps 3 up top and 2 down below
The black fern

Interior view of the Vanagon, nicely laid out

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