Getting ready to head to Ottawa for the Provincial CX championships

The Nationals were a blast to cover and having them local meant it was a snap to get to them. The awesome weather made for a great day too… here are a couple of photos from the day that I like. There are galleries on both and if you want to see more (and on of course).

Pepper Harlton
Emily Batty

The new champions (Batty and Sheppard)

This weekend it’s the Ontario Provincial cyclocross championships. Not local (Ottawa is about a 5 hour drive, 6 in the camper), not warm and toasty (it snowed in much of Ontario yesterday), still going to be a blast. I’ve reserved a spot in Jackie’s driveway for the weekend, sure hope I have lots of propane in the tank to keep the heater running!  The cycling season is almost done here… it’s been a great year, I wonder what’s in store for the next chapter.

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