Happy Canada Day!

I saw a lot of Canadian flags out on the road today as I made my way to Quebec for the World Cup MTB races at Mt Ste Anne this weekend. Including ones on cars pulled over for speeding violations… there were a lot of police out today!

My last post was part one of the Elite Nationals, I have wrapped up that event on the web and am part way through uploading full galleries to my website. And I will write a second part to that if I have time.

This week it’s the Masters and Para National championships, and while I’m not there to take photos Andrea is there to race. She signed up for the ITT and the crit. So far, a 4th in the ITT (missed the podium by about 30 seconds!) and I have high hopes for even better results from the criterium since she’s been provincial champion in her category twice before. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Speed Machine
Camped at Lac Louise

For me, it was about 10 hours of driving, I’m camped at “Lac Louise” (I loved the irony on a personal level so I pulled in to see if they had room… this being a holiday weekend they are booked all weekend, still room tonight though). I will be at MSA in the morning, and I should have time to ride for a few hours (not on “Beatrice” though, my hand throbs at the thought of that!). And then it will be a busy few days with XC, 4X and DH events to cover. Stay tuned for updates…

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  1. I’m drooling over Andrea’s P4 … What size does she ride? Let me know if she’s upgrading to something else (if there’s something else to upgrade to, that is), I might be interested to take over the ownership. 😀

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