From Camper Land to Wonder Land…

Surrounded by massive campers, listening to bingo by the beach… that was camper land. And for some reason the Quebecois love their camping, good on ’em! I was happy to be there for the night, my second visit to Lake Louise (thousands of miles and around 40 years between them). I woke up, had a pay-per-use shower and needed an extra dollar to finish. Then made a good cup of coffee for the road. About two hours later I was smiling at being surrounded by things I love.

I had only see a couple of Eurovans the entire 10+ hours of driving yesterday… by the time I got to MSA I’d seen 10 Vanagons, 4 Eurovans and one Bay westy. That’s more than I see in months at home. And every one got and gave a beep or a wave. Love it. And there was one dark brown Vanagon westy that passed me in a blur, it took me all the way to Beaupre to catch up to him. And then he sped off at a light! I saw the bike on the back and figured I’d see the camper here… sure enough it’s park not more than 100m away. He has a Bostig conversion… no wonder he’s speeding down the road! Nice bus!

There was also a nice new pop-top conversion parked near by, I’ll make a point of learning more about it before they leave.

Oh… having hundreds of avid cyclists around at the destination is pretty cool too, don’t for a moment think I don’t totally dig this. I wandered around and took a few casual shots (I decided to only use my Lumix TS1 to see what it’s capable of), checked out the DH and 4X courses, hopped on my bike and rode some trails, had a good dinner, and I still have time to do an update… life is good. Tomorrow it will be busy so I’m enjoying this moment while I can. Here are a few pics, hope you like them…

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