The Second Edition of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Quebec

A week has gone by since I last posted here, guess I’ve been a little busy! I did stop in at Jackie’s place on my way here. Got there a little before 11pm on Tuesday, just in time to say goodnight to her and then make myself comfortable in Babe for the night. It helped a lot having a place to park there, a long drive first and being able to arrive at the press conferences the next day feeling relaxed was really good. (so, like, thanks, eh 🙂

I’m “camped” in Quebec city at the Delta hotel that is the basecamp for most journalists covering this event. Last year was amazing, the buzz and excitement this race generated was huge. It’s tiny compared to what I’m seeing this year though. The Sprint Challenge today was packed where the action was happening, I’m not sure if the beautiful weather was the reason or if the event has become that much more popular. Either way, a lot of people had fun and got to see some great cycling.

While I got to cover a great opening event (and some interesting press conferences) what I really enjoyed was a little time wandering the streets of old Quebec. It’s a beautiful city, it has more of a European flair than any other city in North America, and there were bikes all over the place! So while I had a little time I went for a stroll and took a few photos. This is the beginning of a gallery I’ll put up for these races, consider it a sneak preview… more to come.

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