Next Up: The Toronto2015 Pan Am Games

When I retired from IBM back in 2011 (yes, it really has been over 4 years) and started out on my Next Chapter I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I only have to look back at some of the early blog entries to be reminded of that. I’m always up for something interesting though…

So the past 6 months were spent doing something very interesting. Applying things I know in ways I’ve never done before and getting really deep into the weeds. I enjoyed stretching and learning, didn’t know that I could take on something so new to me and make it work so quickly. It will be interesting to see where that project is down the road.

For me though… I made commitments back in November and will honour those so I had to turn the page and start another Next Chapter. One of them was my gallery exhibit as part of the CONTACT Photography Festival that I’ve written a little about. Like that one, the rest are all about photography and cycling too.

First up will be what I expect to be the highlight of my year. Certainly the biggest event I’ve had the privilege to cover. I’ve been at the Tour de France to photograph it but not like this. And it’s not like the other events are “minor”… it’s a great list that goes into September and ends with the UCI Road World Cycling Championships in Richmond VA.

I have a few days to get organized before the games start with opening ceremonies on July 10th. The photo below is from my credentials: a full, all venue photographers pass. Don’t think I’ll have time to get to much more than the cycling events though… those alone mean 10 days.

It will be interesting to see what that equates to at the actual venues. Stay tuned for more frequent updates now that I’m back to being a journalist and photographer.

Media Credentials for the Pan Am Games
Media Credentials for the Pan Am Games

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