Apr 05 2015

2015 CONTACT Photography Festival

I mentioned an exciting upcoming event a couple of times, saying that I’d provide an update when it was officially announced. Well it is now official.

Peter Kraiker Photography is presenting an exhibit of 18 framed limited edition photographs, all of them directly in the cross-hairs of my two passions. Photography and Cycling.

I’ve called the exhibit “Pedal With Passion”, you can read the CONTACT details here on their website. Three photos are presented there as a teaser. I’ve had a previous show at this gallery as part of an exhibit called “5 Photographers“. I had a total of 6 pieces up for that show, all from New Zealand. This will be my first solo exhibit though and I’m very excited to be showing a few of the photos I’ve captured over the years that I like. I could have at least twice that but printing and framing is expensive. Plus it’s a small gallery 😉

While the exhibit runs from May 1st to 15th, the date to mark on your calendar is May 2nd when the opening reception will be on. Naturally I’ll be there and I’ll be happy to make a point of being at the gallery as often as I’m able at other times.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo I’ve put up on the Facebook event as an added teaser plus the one that the banner for my page. Both will be on display. They aren’t all race photos though; come prepared to be surprised.

Time to Celebrate

Time to Celebrate

Will it be You or Me?

Will it be You or Me?

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