What wonderful images Quebec City provides!

So, I wonder… where to start! I have posted a few shots of the city, totally unrelated to the race. I have a whole bunch of shots that I doubt will ever be posted anywhere unless I put them up… so, I hope that has you wondering, and that the shots are indeed interesting. Each one has a story, let me start with an obvious one plus an exclusive one and see how much time I have over the next few days to fill in the gaps…

Obvious, not used here: A photo op with Ryder and Philippe before the race which I won’t post here. I saw it, and saw lots of other media folks recognize the moment (I expect that shot will show up on pedalmag.com and other sites soon). Love it!
Obvious, yes: a “barb-wire tat”. He wore it proudly here in Quebec. I think only a couple of folks looked closely (I know Cor Vos was one who did). Wow…

Exclusive: I think I have a few, so I’ll start with Matteo Trentin… you’ll find his name showing up at the races here and I expect he’ll be someone to follow for the next decade. I learned about this young star from a couple of friends in Belgium (Jan & Ine) Andrea and I met on the Thomas Cook Sport trips, they have hosted him at their home. As of Aug. 1st he’s found his way to the Quick Step pro team and here he is in Quebec City winning the Most Combative trophy. Wonderful!

Stay tuned for more… I look for the unexpected, and I think I have some to share.



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