Well, It’s an Adventure

As we expected this trip has already turned into an adventure. Today is our 6th day on the road. Closing in on the end of week 1 of 10.

It’s been tough to find time to write about the adventure as we’ve been living it. So this will likely be a terse tale. It’s almost 10pm now, with a two hour time difference from home I’m at midnight. And the road tomorrow beckons… Andrea & I hope to arrive at Lolo (Montana) with enough time to ride but we have over 400km to travel to get there. And Babe hasn’t been happy waking in the morning the past couple of days. So we’ll see.

Westward Day by Day

Day 1 included a significant and unexpected failure. I’m sure it won’t be the only one, we’ll see how the rest get sorted out. I have a couple of bins of bits up in the cargo box. Not the one that failed though, no way to know or expect all of the possibilities. As luck / fate would have it we had planned to spend the night with Pete & Nancy. Good company, good food, and as somehow fate conspired to see that the part we needed was there in Pete’s barn. Waiting for just this moment, as he put it on FB.

Since then we’ve camped in everything from minimalist free municipal parks to KOA and comparable full-service sites and sweet spots in between. The ones with less seem to offer more if you know what I mean. Tonight, as I write this, I have full internet service, 120V power and a shower nearby. Missing is the campfire, the silence from last night (when the wind was the loudest thing around), and the space that defines where we are. We’ll see how that all evolves. So let me wrap this up with a few photos. We’ve been fitting in some spectacular sights. Rushing a little, there’s so much we want to see. Yet still taking time to pause here and there. I expect we’ll slow down. Soon I hope 😉

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  1. Jerry L Baldwin says: Reply

    Great to hear from youand see some photos. we always like Corps of Engineers campgrounds , inexpensive ans always on water. Se careful and don’t get too caught up in your planned destinations. A lot of our travels never end up where we plannned but they are always wonderful. Drive safe

  2. Love it. Keep those beautiful pics coming!

  3. Keep posting please..We enjoy your adventure, and we can reach back for our precious memories.

  4. Beautiful pics Peter. We did that trip in 2009, but in my Jetta, car camping along the way. Keep plugging along Babe.

  5. We’d love to have a daily report, even on one line, about exactly where you are on the map – you seem to be moving fast so far. Dad and Karen

    1. We’ll post when we can! Generally we’re using coffee stops and free wifi so FB will be a good place to look 🙂
      Regards from Missoula Montana and the Lolo National Forest.

  6. Gorgeous pics!

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