2008, meet 2013

Speaking of countdowns (of course I’m writing not speaking but hey, it’s my blog so I can say that), I’ve been watching, tracking and waiting for this to arrive too.It’s been a nice distraction from thinking about the halo.

My new Macbook Pro, with the old one underneath

My original Macbook started giving me problems last year and failed on me earlier this year so I had to replace it. I intend to see if the old one can be repaired but I know I need one I can rely on for my travels so I got a replacement.

It’s a 15″ MB Pro with retina display and fully loaded. A big improvement over the 5 year old version while still retaining some of the best features. And as I usually do, it’s a clean rebuild rather than transferring all the old stuff so I have some work ahead of me over the weekend. Something to help me pass the time 🙂

Here was the countdown to today on this front, one slight detour due to weather.

Concord, ON, Canada      06/27/20        13 13:17  Delivered

Concord, ON, Canada     06/27/2013     8:37     Out for Delivery
Concord, ON, Canada     06/26/2013     16:39     Destination Scan
    06/26/2013     8:28     Arrival Scan 
Mount Hope, ON, Canada     06/26/2013     7:05     Departure Scan
    06/26/2013     5:22     Import Scan
    06/26/2013     3:21     Arrival Scan
Buffalo, NY, United States     06/26/2013     1:07     Departure Scan
    06/26/2013     0:34     Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States     06/25/2013     15:58     Departure Scan
    06/25/2013     15:51     Departure Scan
    06/25/2013     0:49     Arrival Scan
Anchorage, AK, United States     06/24/2013     14:05     Departure Scan
    06/24/2013     11:22     Arrival Scan
Narita, Japan     06/24/2013     21:29     Departure Scan
Narita, Japan     06/23/2013     22:46     Arrival Scan
Shanghai, China     06/23/2013     20:35     Network disruption due to prior weather conditions, check ups.com for further updates.
    06/23/2013     19:03     Departure Scan
Shanghai, China     06/21/2013     22:02     Export Scan
    06/21/2013     16:23     Arrival Scan
    06/21/2013     15:23     Departure Scan
    06/21/2013     12:43     Origin Scan
China     06/21/2013     0:37     Order Processed: Ready for UPS

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