Albion Hills and the 24 Hour Summer Solstice, 2013 Edition

I spent some time over the past couple of evenings organizing material and then I wrote up a piece for publication this morning… it was a fun event and one I really would have enjoyed being at. And one I look forward to getting to next time around when I’m not in this contraption.

A big thank you to Julie Rossall for some photos, and to Sarah Moore from Specialized Canada for the details. I had a good sense of how the weekend went because Andrea was there (with Babe on a ladies-only weekend) but as I couldn’t be there I was counting on good info from reliable folks to be able to tell the story. It feels like it was a great weekend and I think I captured a bit of the essence!

You can find the full piece via FB and Twitter, here’s the direct link:

The GoldRusch Specialzed team, photo by Julie Rossall

I hope to have an opportunity to meet Rebecca and thank her for the encouragement she sent my way (via Andrea). One amazing lady!

Well… two amazing ladies.

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