A Tasting

For a while now a small group of friends has been getting together to do a regular scotch tasting… we’ve tried to do it every three months and for the most part it’s worked out. When we started we were all employees of “Eightbar” and as of this tasting none of us are. I was the last to leave, and felt it was appropriate to host this tasting at my home. It was fun to say the least.

I also extended the invitation to my son (Zef) and I was delighted when he arrived. Of course being the “newbie” he got to take notes of the tasting, I’m looking forward to reading the notes he took. There were 5 fine single malts on hand, with a theme based on the new BRUICHLADDICH 16 YO CUVEE offering from the LCBO as well as a classic 18 YO Auchentoshan and a new whiskey from Wales.

A few hours of the pleasure of good company, good whiskey and good food (top on the food list being the applewood smoked cheddar… now a staple at our tastings).

Here’s a photo of what was being sampled (missing the Auchentoshan).

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