On The Road, Trip One

Finally! On the road, at last. It’s been quite a while in the planning and this is the first trip in the list of possible trips. The next couple are already set too (more on that later).

I had Babe in to get an oil change, and Dave looked at the small oil leaks from his rebuild and decided to lift the head and redo the head gasket & seal. I’m sorry to say… it made it worse. The good news is that his rebuild is holding up well, not burning oil and after around 1200km of driving the only oil I’ve had to replace is what has leaked out. The bad news… it’s leaking enough that the back is splattered with oil after any long drive and the puddle under the camper is much more that a little spotting. I need to get that addressed, as I only have a week between this trip and the next… and the next trip is even longer! 

West Virgina Rest Stop… windy and noisy.

Andrea and I opted to bring road bikes, it was a tough choice because this is such a mountain biking mecca too. Still, that was the thinking and we stuck to it. So a couple of long days got us down to North Carolina and the trip included using a rest stop in West Virginia. One province and 3 states in day one, then 4 states in day 2. Davidson River Camp Ground was the destination, and we made it around 7pm. 

The driving on and along the Blue Ridge Parkway was awesome, and challenging. Not as challenging as driving Babe in high winds like over the Skyway, still very challenging. And it was our introduction to waterfalls in this amazing part of the USA. I’m sure I’ll have some great sets of photos of them… not yet though.

Looking up at the Blue Ridge Parkway

Camped at Davidson River

Davidson River CG is nice, I think sites “off the grid” would be more to my liking however as a test of all the systems it’s good to have the options it provides. The one part of the camper I’m not sure is working right (other than the head gasket, see above) is the inverter. I can’t seem to get it to work for running anything off it.

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