Bike Show. And Back At IT.

I am constantly amazed at how life changes.

My last post was about accepting a job similar to what I was doing before I retired. Between then and now I’ve become a corporation, covered a bike show, arranged to get my camper back on the road, finalized some details for a concert in June, dialed in my new bike, and started that job.

I still have a lot of the cycling events I have been covering these past years on my calendar. I made a point of providing it to my new client so they knew what days I wouldn’t be available and it seems ok so far. Having said that, I’m all of one day into the new job.

Very little of what I learned today came as a surprise… I guess I haven’t forgotten much about what I know of IT while I’ve been away. I think that bodes well.

Anyhow, here are few photos. A couple from the bike show and one from this morning before I headed out. From a job interview to a live interview on tv and then getting into a new/old role.

Covering a trade show

About to be interviewed live (on Global TV)

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