Babe is Back, it Must be Spring

I didn’t have a chance to write up anything about getting my camper out of storage other than a quick post to Facebook. Let me fix that.

Late last year we got together with our friends from Turbo Training Marilyn and Michael to see their new place and have dinner together. Yes, the same delightful people we went to see Jon Batiste with. This led to a discussion about and offer of their underground parking space for Babe to spend the winter in. Heated, secure (well mostly secure; Marilyn had a bike stolen over the winter), and in the city so no need for a long shuttle with 2 vehicles. Well it’s been a long cold winter but it’s finally done. We arranged a time for me to come down and spend a little time with them before dusting Babe off and driving her away.

Surprise, surprise we went back to C’Est What (well, it’s literally across the road from them so why not!) and after a tasty pint and some food we walked down to the parking spot. When I parked Babe I disconnected both the house and motor batteries but with the warm temperatures I didn’t expect they would have gotten drained over the few months. But you never know.

Babe was certainly dusty. It’s a fairly new building and they’re not likely to sweep the parking garage so that’s not really a surprise. I reconnected everything, reorganized a little so nothing would shift around and then turned the key. She started right up and got into her husky purring sound without hesitation. Sweet!

Happy to have her back
Happy to have her back (thanks to Michael for this photo)


As I walked around the front I did notice one odd thing. Someone had left Babe a gift. In this dark corner of an underground parking place they had stacked a bag of Christmas wrap & bags. Tucked neatly behind the front license plate. Odd. In a pleasant way though! It was the source of puzzled looks and chuckles, can’t imagine any malice there!

A package of Christmas bags and wrapping paper
A package of Christmas bags and wrapping paper

In any event Babe’s exit was happy. She’s been to the car wash to shed the accumulated dust and is ready for our first adventure. And she has an invite to come back for next winter which I was very happy to hear. It’s really nice to think ahead and know that a secure spot awaits instead of trying to sort things out late in the summer. This tale will have another chapter!

Orchids and Westies
Orchids and my Westy
No, it's not next winter already!
No, it’s not next winter already!

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