A Monday without work

I remember the first few days after I finished up at IBM… it was an odd yet pleasant sensation. Doing what I have on my list of things to do, at my pace, is a nice feeling. And so is planning and looking ahead to the next adventure.

Here’s a rough approximation of what it looks like…

I haven’t fixed on any particular route yet but I’ll head south-west until it gets warm enough (did I mention that I’m really tired of winter?) and then head west until I find some desert to play in 🙂

Along the way I plan on visiting with some fellow Westfalia owners and see how they’re doing. I just read that Larry & Maggie are also on their 2nd “retirement” so I’ll definitely drop by their place before they get on the road again. And Bob has already promised to show me some trails in the Moab area (he keeps posting these great photos on FB, makes me even more eager to get going!).

Between now and then I will get the camper out of storage and get her ready for this year’s camping season.

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