May 06 2014

Moab Trip, in Three Parts

I’ve decided to break the trip down into three parts:

Each represents about a third of the trip and I think that breakdown reflects my feelings about the trip very well as each of those segments were very different from each other; although the trip there and back involves a lot more driving than cycling! Still, each has some amazing moments and memories and I am still savouring them all. To kick-start the trilogy, here’s a set of panoramic photos with one for each part to come…

Getting There

Being There

The Journey Home

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  1. Hello Peter, looking at those amazing pictures I can (almost) imagine how it must feel…….the energy of the Earth beneath your feet, the power of the Universe above and the insignificance ( nietigheid ) of your own being, knowing that the world wouldn’t be the same without you……..or something, hehehe! Can’t wait to see the rest!!

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