From a Camper in NZ to My Camper in Canada

It’s technically not spring yet however the great weather we’re having and that has been forecast for the next week until spring does arrive prompted me to get Babe out of storage at Zef’s place today.

She started up right away once the batteries were all reconnected and only wanted a little air in the tires and some fuel in the tank. Well… that plus a good cleaning. A few months of being idle left a dusty coat which I’ll take care of before the weekend. It felt great to be driving her again and I’m looking forward to another year of adventures.

Babe’s first taste of fresh air and sunshine since December

Parked at home, with a parking permit in place until November

2 Replies to “From a Camper in NZ to My Camper in Canada”

  1. Have a great trip Peter, your Vehicle looking very nice, I hope you have all features in your vehicle.

    1. Thanks, the year has gotten off to a great start and looks to have no shortage of trips and camping in store.

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