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Aug 15 2014

Windham – The Third Mountain

The days on this mountain were defined by the hot and dry conditions. This was very much like how it was two years earlier. There was one exception the first evening as a brief shower passed through, leaving this rainbow behind.From a photography perspective, it meant I was in the woods as often as I …

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Apr 13 2014

Exhausted but still full of adrenaline…

I’m sure lots of my friends can relate to this post, it’s the result of an adventure-filled day and the effects last for a varying length of time (I assume there’s a direct relationship to the level of excitement and duration of the high but haven’t bothered to get clinical in any form of analysis). …

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Feb 20 2013

Funding the future

I posted a photo of me in tie from a week or so ago… that was my first job interview in oh, about, say… 32 years? It’s the first job I submitted my resumé to. I did follow that up with submitting my resumé to one more position late last week. So…I heard today they …

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Mar 14 2012

From a Camper in NZ to My Camper in Canada

It’s technically not spring yet however the great weather we’re having and that has been forecast for the next week until spring does arrive prompted me to get Babe out of storage at Zef’s place today. She started up right away once the batteries were all reconnected and only wanted a little air in the …

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Jun 09 2011

Off to Almonte and BusFusion on Thursday

A year ago I was getting serious about the idea that has evolved into this Next Chapter including the VW camper aspect. So Andrea and I went off to our first bus event, the 10th annual BusFusion at Almonte. Peace, Love and VW I’d been reading up and discussing VW buses for a couple of …

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Apr 19 2011

On The Road, Trip One

Finally! On the road, at last. It’s been quite a while in the planning and this is the first trip in the list of possible trips. The next couple are already set too (more on that later). I had Babe in to get an oil change, and Dave looked at the small oil leaks from …

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Apr 11 2011

Restored and Working… “My Retirement Watch”

Looks great, full of character and beautiful compared to “before” I took my father’s old gold watch in to Bell Jewellers (since 1937) last week to see if it was worth repairing. The woman behind the counter very quietly asked if it had sentimental value, I’m sure she knew it did and that’s a common …

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