Off to Almonte and BusFusion on Thursday

A year ago I was getting serious about the idea that has evolved into this Next Chapter including the VW camper aspect. So Andrea and I went off to our first bus event, the 10th annual BusFusion at Almonte.

Peace, Love and VW

I’d been reading up and discussing VW buses for a couple of months and the people who really seemed to know their stuff were suggesting that the best way to really get to know these vehicles was to come and talk to the people who own (and maintain) them. And what better place than a meet like this. So we packed up the Jetta (at least we arrived in a VW) and put up our tent (we were the only one’s sleeping on the ground) and started to explore the world of Westies.

A Sweet Split
A campfire Darryl would appreciate!

It was a great weekend, and the volks who suggested I go were 100% right. I learned a lot (and a year later I’m still learning a lot), I met some great and incredibly friendly people, and now I will be pulling up in my own camper for our 2nd BusFusion. We’re planning on leaving before 1PM on Thurs, hope to stop at Ralph and Peggy’s cafe in Omemee on our way. Hwy 7, a nice relaxed pace on a pretty stretch of road. And a campfire tomorrow night! The last campfire I got to sit at was really great (see my post about meeting Johnny and Dana on the way home from Arkansas) and the last one Andrea and I shared was in North Carolina with some other fun Canucks! We will miss the Saturday night / Sunday morning festivities though, we both have to be at Albion Hills for the next MTB O-Cup race on Sunday… so a drive to our camping spot at Albion is the order of the day for Sat, early enough that we can both be relaxed and ready for Sun.

Looking forward to seeing Babe in a shot like this now. 

 I suppose I should add this photo too… it’s one Andrea took when I first got to look over the VW camper I now own. A year later, I’m still very happy with my decision to buy Babe.

Babe – a ’82 Vanagon L diesel with a 1.9 TD upgrade

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