On the road to Moab – day 2

It’s either 9:30pm or 10:30 pm, I haven’t set clocks so I’m not sure which time is right for where I’m camped tonight (which is the home of the Jesse James wax museum in Stanton MO, don’t ask). Regardless of which clock is right, I’m enjoying sitting here in a t-shirt… the weather has improved  lots over the past two days and at the warmest part of the day it was around 25c. I’m now officially in favour of this so I’m mapping the next few days of my trip based on where it’s warm 🙂

Tomorrow will be Ponca City and a visit with Larry & Maggie… We’ve only had the pleasure of meeting in person once before (when they came up to BusFusion in 2010, before I even owned a Westy). We have threads that cross on lots of different levels though and I’m really excited to get to visit them at home before they start out on their second retirement voyage.

After that, I’ll head a little further south, a little corner of Texas (I was last there in 2008 I think, when I was teaching in Houston) and then to New Mexico (a place I’ve never been to before). I’m hoping to find some hot springs, and some sweet spots to camp.

I haven’t planned beyond that other than to be in Vegas on the 17th… that gives me a week to explore so I’m looking for ideas!

To wrap up this entry, here are two photos of highlights of my day. Route 66 is in my list of places I’ve wanted to get to (check!) and tonight’s campsite in Stanton (first camping for 2014, and it’s on Route 66 🙂

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  1. Gila Hot Springs , North of silver city NM on the road to the Gila Cliff Dwellers monument , there is a campground right on the river with wonderful hot springs. It’s our favorite place in NM

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