The Victoria and Albert Museum

V&A archway

A Facebook comment from a friend welcoming us back and playfully asking for more photos from the V&A prompted me to put a gallery together. I’m publishing it here rather than only on FB. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately and this is a good reminder that I should be paying a little more attention to it. Hopefully I’ll get around to publishing some galleries of photos from other parts of the trip, Time will tell.

I’ll post one photo as a teaser, the Dark Sky Sanctuary designation for the Isle of Sark was the initial idea behind the trip. Here’s what we found…

The starry sky of Sark as seen from the foot of the Coupée

The V&A Museum gallery

Sark was the first part of the trip and merits a proper telling. So does the second which was a week of roaming in Brittany and Normandy in a VW high-top camper. The last part of the trip was in London. Despite only being three days long, we were able to pack a lot into it. And the highlight for Andrea was going to the Victoria and Albert museum. A bucket-list item we’ve now checked off. So I’ll just put the gallery up here and let the images and captions tell part of the tale of our visit.

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