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I’ve been working at this photographic next chapter for over 8 years now and I measure it by time invested and treasures uncovered. Getting a magazine cover is certainly something to be treasured. And with the latest issue of Pedal Magazine I now have my 4th cover. One was for a trade show magazine, the other three have been for Pedal. And each is unique…


#1 – 2012

The first went along with a major article about doping and the state of cycling in Canada. This was a long and involved combination of photographic and written journalism. 2012, midway into this adventure. It was put together through a couple of Skype interviews with Michael and supplemented with assorted photos (some mine and some from others).

Doping hits Canadian Cycling


#2 – 2015

The next was to celebrate how significant the organizers behind the Mont-Sainte-Anne MTB events are in the grand scheme of mountain bike racing. The cover features Marie-Helene Premont and again there was a significant written piece… this time about how MSA is the last venue from the originals and is the only one to celebrate 25 years (now heading to 27!).

MSA cover featuring Marie-Helene Premont

I also did a video for the 25th anniversary… the interviews are from 2014 so it was a year in the making. The video features a few athletes but the story is really told through Patrice & Chantal.



#3 – 2016

And the latest is a product shot… it’s been years since I’ve done staged photos and I’ll admit I prefer event photography. No written content from me this time, I’ll have to make a point of getting back into writing.

Still.. it was a fun change of pace and I enjoyed the challenge. And hanging out with Tim for an afternoon was a treat… we’ve known each other casually since 2004 so it was nice to have time to get caught up.

Tim and the S3 Disc


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