Windham – The Third Mountain

The days on this mountain were defined by the hot and dry conditions. This was very much like how it was two years earlier. There was one exception the first evening as a brief shower passed through, leaving this rainbow behind.

From a photography perspective, it meant I was in the woods as often as I could be, just for the shade. It did put in some good spots to shoot though. And while the crowds of spectators were enthusiastic, they were much smaller than at Mont Sainte-Anne.

It was a good event though, and I’m glad to hear that they are already committed to repeating the event for next year!

Anyhow, here are a few photos from the race…

Heckling is not a crime




Then it was a relaxing trip back home. The last time I drove straight back, this time I added a couple of days and drove back roads the whole way. I enjoyed that very much and will likely make a point of doing that on all of the major trips. Time for me to THINK and rejuvenate.

Watkins Glen

It also led me to finding what I think is a big piece of petrified wood on a lakeside beach…

Rock or wood?

And of course, once I got home I headed out for a night at Buses of the Corn! 🙂

BoTC 2014

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