A year ago

I didn’t get to go down to Arkansas to cover the Joe Martin Stage Race this year, that’s what took me south-west at this time a year ago. It’s too bad too, the race action was great and there was very little coverage. I just didn’t get anyone interested in paying for coverage, these are lean times I guess. It also meant I didn’t get to visit friends down that way, something I hoped would come together.

It was a challenging time; ending some things and restarting some things. Looking back from the perspective of a year later I see things I messed up and things I got right. I’ll try to keep my focus on the things I got right and I apologize for the ones I didn’t. Life is a never ending learning experience.

So here are a few of photos from a year ago, the end of March to the beginning of May will always be a time of reflection when I will look to see how (if?) I’m progressing.

March 23rd… the beginning of the end of an era
May 2nd
Devils Den CG provided some solitude between busy days

Race Day… always a rush

The westy gives me great views wherever I go

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