Bike to Work Month…

Not yet June, so very close though. And the weather has turned at last with a blast of heat and sunshine. Wonderful! Monday (May 30th) was bike to work day and from what I’ve read there were a lot of people out riding, getting their free pancake breakfast. I remember back in the late 80’s and early 90’s helping to organize some of these events as part of the Toronto City Cycling Committee… working with folks like Dan, Sue and Barb to try to get Toronto more bike friendly. Creating BUGs, chairing the Bike Commuter program, even getting IBM to fund a breakfast. All good.

Monday was a perfect day for it too with the dramatic improvement in weather. Summer knocking on the door, perhaps busting the door down it was so eager to arrive! My “bike to work” was a ride to get some new headlights for my camper, one of them was out so I thought I’d replace them both. As it turns out, the bulbs were fine… I had a fuse I needed to replace. I’ll look over the wiring and contacts over the next couple of weeks to make sure things are as good as can be.

Duvel, at the home of Duvel in Moortgat

Today was another day of riding for me, felt great to be on the bike and just cruising around. I had a meeting with a friend to talk photography and web sites which was a long and pleasant lunch at Allen’s. Treated myself to a Duvel, even poured it myself the way I learned when we visited the one place in Belgium that beer is made.

Hot and sunny riding, I enjoyed working up a sweat. I tried to take a few photos during the day, I’ll end with a couple I thought were worth sharing. Happy Bike to Work Month everyone! And welcome to June.

Riding and taking pictures… this is what I get
Hot, sweaty, blue skies, life is good (new glasses too : )

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