Dream Big, Then Go Home?

This dream has been in the works for about a year. It almost went off the rails and didn’t. It’s something we’ve never done before and hey… who knows how it will go! It’s happening though. Andrea and I are set to go on an extended road trip. Look out world!

Well… look out U.S.A. We’ll be bringing some Canuck “eh” your way real soon. It looks something like this… a counter-clockwise loop starting across the northern states as we head west and then east across the south after we explore the west coast. Can you say excited? Antici…

A map filled with pins of places we hope to see and a possible route


We’ve arranged for someone to live in our home while we’re away to make sure plants, Punch and everything else a house needs is attended to. It will be interesting to see if we come back to new bird songs that Punch has learned while we’re away. I’m skeptical… it’s hard to to teach a 25 year-old bird new tricks. But who knows! In any case we’re glad to have our home looked after.

Yes, Punch

Friends Along The Way

Pins on the map include places we’re interested in seeing, places people have suggested and places where friends we intend to meet up with live or love. Lots of uncharted territories in all of this, as it should be. It’s an adventure after all!

And we’re now into countdown, so looking forward to visiting as many of those pins as we can!

Packing… Space is Precious

We’ve been planning where everything goes for months. It’s involved a number of modifications to Babe so she has room for it all. Here’s a sample… I spent today working on roof-top storage. The last post talked about adding rails up top for a roof box. The added weight is a factor and will require heavy duty lift struts (ordered and will be delivered to Pete in South Bend). It also requires some thoughtful packing to take advantage of the cargo space up front. I’m happy with the choices I’ve made and tested out earlier today. We’ll see how they stand up to the test on the road.

One of 3 front cargo items


Keeping the profile down


Bags inside a box

And we’ll see What Tomorrow Brings

I know I’ll reorganize all the the things I did today and that’s ok. This is the time to experiment, now in the middle of our trip 🙂

4 Replies to “Dream Big, Then Go Home?”

  1. Safe travels friends. See you on the west coast.

  2. Similar journey for us next year Peter. Will be following your progress for all the best places.

  3. HIw have the luggage rack boxes held up so far?
    I am just catching up on all your posts!!

    1. They have held up well. Secure, a good fit and nice low profile. I haven’t looked inside in over a week but last time I looked they were nice and dry inside.

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