Day one to Fayetteville

441 miles, a mixed bag of weather, and watching the odometer roll over to 100,000 miles… not a bad start. I’m parked in a rest stop in Piqua, Ohio which is just north of Dayton. The day has been a mix of rain, sun, clouds and more rain… at the moment it’s rains steadily and the parking lot is filled with truckers taking a break. At least the rain will drown out the traffic sounds, and the train that whistles when it goes by! You never know what you get at a rest stop. This is not one of the better ones I’ve been at, still the price is right as always.

Here;s a shot of the odo rolling over… it was about 4pm and south of Detroit on I-75 (I’m actually still on I-75, I’ll head off it and go west / south tomorrow).

Tonight’s shot is dark and wet… and after about 4 hours of packing and 9 hours of driving I’m ready to call it a night. I’ll check the election results when I get up… in taking with Andrea it sounds like the NDP are pulling a rabbit out of the bag at the expense of both the Bloc and the Liberals. I’m afraid I may wake in the morning that Canada has a Conservative majority though… sigh.

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