Getting some opportunities, looking forward to exploring them

I’ve spent the past while organizing my time and putting it together on a calendar to share with the community I’m getting deeper into. And I’ve already gotten some positive feedback on events I thought were questionable… if I can get enough interest to cover expenses I’m all set to go. I know this will be a year of exploring and learning, I’m happy if it can come out as “neutral on the $$ side and positive on the future opportunities”. It will be interesting to see how that works out.

On a more immediate note, I dropped Babe off at the shop to have Dave look over his handiwork now that it’s got 1000+KM on the rebuild. An oil change at least, and a good look over the engine. It’s time to get the camper ready for a long trip to test all my theories. Stay tuned!

And no… no photos today.

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