Another countdown: the end of my first contract experience

I’ve now officially let it be known that I won’t renew my IT contract, which ends in mid-March. With just over a month left I’ve started thinking through the steps I need to complete to wrap it up professionally and to what comes next. It’s exciting, I suppose that is part of the nature of changes like this.

I am confident I’ve done a good job over the course of the past year despite the challenges I put in place… not being able to be anything more than a voice on the phone or text written in email & documents while I was living inside a halo made it difficult to fully express ideas. Being put in the role of team lead in that context was that much more challenging.

And now it’s on to (back to?) the challenges I was enjoying since starting on this path to the next chapter.

I’m starting to organize my thoughts around what Babe needs to have done before heading down to Moab, what I’ll need to do to ensure that first trip is as enjoyable as possible, and what possibilities exist to also make it a business venture (Sea Otter will be happening the week before I need to arrive at Las Vegas to pick up Andrea so there might be some synergy). Then there’s the rest of the summer! Both Babe and I still need some fixing to be back in full stride.

I’ve gone through the potential events that I think I could cover and there are a lot! I’ve added some that are questionable (like the Tour of Alberta) just so I keep them in mind. Others that I would like to cover but know I can’t (like the Joe Martin Stage Race) aren’t on the calendar. The candidates are all on my events calendar (on the right side of this blog under the map) and I’ll be keeping that up to date as things evolve.

The thought of being back on the road in my camper, with a bike on board… well that’s just exciting! Not that I don’t have a ton of stuff to get done before that, I suppose it’s just a great feeling to be able to look forward to something like this again.

Here are a few photo from previous blog entries to round out my thoughts… snow, the door is open so let’s go!, campers & camping 🙂

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