Ah, Le Tour!

What an amazing event the Tour de France is… always filled with drama and excitement and surprises.

Of course I’d love to be there again to cover it, perhaps next year. I am very fortunate that I have lots of flexibility during the week so I’ve been able to watch some of the key stages (including these past two days in the Pyrenees!). Exciting to watch. And filled with memories as they go through places I’ve been on a bike to see them as well as with my camera in hand. And when I wrote about Le Tour last year I wrote about the “small” Tour (Elk Grove) as well as the TdF. I will be going to Elk Grove again, looking forward to that. I expect I will be going to Le Tour again too, will see when that next happens.

The beer bus

This has all gotten me to look back so here are a few photos that come to mind. Of course you can go back through the blog or my website to see many more.

It was great to witness history in the making last year as Cadel Evans won. While it’s clear he doesn’t have the form to repeat the victory Bradley Wiggins has taken up the challenge and is positioned to be the first British rider to win (just as Evans was the first Aussie last year).


The man with the barbwire tattoos

Croix de Fer




and me.

These photos are all from a gallery I posted on Picasa, you’re welcome to go through them again too.

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