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Nov 25 2011

From 30 to 57 to 93

I’ve written before about how young my father was when he died, now I can only hope that I have the longevity from my mother… she celebrated her 93rd birthday yesterday. It’s been interesting seeing her going through the many changes in life that have been the past 30 years. From being a work-at-home mother …

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Oct 11 2011

Older than…

I had a private celebration yesterday (October 10th); it’s the “anniversary” of the day my father died. I have now outlived him, as has my older brother Rolf. Still miss you dad…

Sep 01 2011

Another “30 years ago” moment

I’ve written earlier about starting at IBM 30 years ago, retiring after 30 years, my father’s 30 year watch from Leitz… today marks one of the inspirations for my 30 years. Happy 30th birthday, Steff!

Jul 13 2011

A “Then and Now” Moment

It was an early day alright… and a lot of cool and wet weather for driving. Wim and I had made plans to get close to Paris to meet so the three buses would head down together and the meeting point was a gas station near Assevillers. I got there in good time, and pulled …

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Apr 25 2011

After One Month, and One Trip

I’m sitting in my study/studio (I refuse to call it an office anymore) and knocking things off my lists, feeling good about life. A month ago today I walked out of the doors of IBM and it really has been quite an exciting month. I guess it still hasn’t hit me, I have yet to …

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Apr 11 2011

Restored and Working… “My Retirement Watch”

Looks great, full of character and beautiful compared to “before” I took my father’s old gold watch in to Bell Jewellers (since 1937) last week to see if it was worth repairing. The woman behind the counter very quietly asked if it had sentimental value, I’m sure she knew it did and that’s a common …

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Mar 30 2011

A Farewell Fete

It’s Wednesday already, a week since Terry & Peter hosted my “Retirement” party. I struggle with that word, I’m far from retired. Only from IBM and the only difference is that I get a little health coverage provided for a few years. The real difference is that I have time now and no shortage of …

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Mar 26 2011

Closed the previous chapter, this one is now officially open

Well, it’s really here… the Next Chapter. All thoughts of IBM and SIS are part of a previous part of the book, no going back. And to honour the transition, I’ll post here what I shared with my friends and co-workers as a “parting shot”. My 2nd to last email from “” (that ID has …

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Mar 21 2011

Thirty Years

Thirty years ago today a guy by the name of Doug Clark put me on the payroll of IBM as an employee. I hear he will be at the party on Wednesday, I’ll have to both thank him and tease him about that. That leaves the “plus four days” as my remaining time in Big …

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Mar 11 2011


The road to this next chapter has been an educational experience… some aspects have been years in the making. One example of this thought is “Studio f/Stop”, the name I picked to explore the world of photography for a second time. I’ve decided it was worth exploring. And that it’s not worth keeping. My original …

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