Back in Toronto…

I’m still just gathering up all the loose ends of the trip and have unpacked all of the “stuff” from Babe but I’m not quite prepared to sit and write down all the thoughts and memories… still digesting those I guess.

I enjoyed the trip a lot, on a number of different levels, and it will take me a little time to organize the thoughts into something I can write. I did look through my travel log and copied it all into a spreadsheet just to see what it all adds up to.

Here are a few stats:

  • Trip duration: 25 days (April 9th to May 3rd)
  • Total distance: 7,007 miles (11,281 km)
  • Diesel used: 255.5 gallons
  • Average MPG for the entire trip: 27.4
  • Photos taken: 1,482 plus 83 videos
    • 4.7 miles per photo (or .2 photos / mile)
  • Days on the bike: 10
  • First Vanagon sighting: Ponca City OK (Roadhaus) about 1,000 miles into the trip
  • Last Vanagon sighting: Zion National Park UT, almost 2,500 miles without any sightings (but I did see one hightop Adventurewagen fighting the crosswinds and sandstorms in western Kansas)
  • Best campsite: hard to pick just one, there were lots! Almost all of the ones from the first night in Moab with Bob until the last Utah campsite I had at Lone Rock Beach were awesome. So was driveway camping with Maggie & Larry.
  • Favourite photo: I personally like the moonrise, there are a few I like though 🙂 

Here are a few shots of Babe throughout the trip. She was a real trooper and will get some spa time now that we’re back. She’s due for a timing belt on top of the usual things like an oil change.

Sand Flats (Slickrock)
Klondike Bluffs sunset

Horsethief CG

First night for Andrea
Just outside Arches NP

First night in Moab

Lone Rock


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