On the Return Trip Already!

Free time with Internet connectivity has been a very scarce commodity on this trip so all of the full updates and photo galleries will have to wait. My plan is to not use motels on the way back unless the weather is a problem so there may not be too many opportunities for updates. The forecast looks ok for the next few days. This was last night’s campsite, I’m looking forward to a few more nice places to park Babe for the night on the way back.

As for photos, here’s a sample from the ones I’ve put up on my KraikerPhoto FaceBook page (click on the hyperlink to see the full gallery as it currently stands).

And here’s a rough map of my route back. I expect weather and road conditions may change it slightly but I’ll make my way east and north over the next 5 days. I’m currently in Cortez CO and will make it past Durango today (unless some stunning landscapes slow me down 🙂

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