Camper Culture in New Zealand – a Photo Gallery

I shared this in the Vanagon mailinglist I belong to as well as putting up a link on facebook. This for my friends who don’t follow either of those. The month we spent camping in New Zealand was awesome in many different ways of which a few revolved around how people use campers (or campervans […]

First Week in NZ: Full Report

I’ve been writing this offline in the evenings and now that I have some internet time (we’re parked outside the library in Hokitika) I’ll get a bunch of stuff online. I’ve just put up some photos from the museum in Auckland, here’s a little more about this first week. ———————— Getting there:It’s a long journey, […]

A Confluence

Confluence: a coming together of people or things; concourse. A number of unrelated events have conspired to make this all happen and I’m delighted with the way things have worked out. I retired from IBM and started into this next chapter. And now that the local cycling scene is in winter mode I have downtime. […]