Camper Culture in New Zealand – a Photo Gallery

I shared this in the Vanagon mailinglist I belong to as well as putting up a link on facebook. This for my friends who don’t follow either of those.

The month we spent camping in New Zealand was awesome in many different ways of which a few revolved around how people use campers (or campervans as they are called in NZ) to facilitate their exploration. There is a lot of infrastructure devoted to camping from places to camp to ways to camp to companies to provide you with what you need to be able to camp. And of course the things you want to do and see while camping!

This entry is just a highlights reel of what people are using to camp in and get around the islands… it’s a small gallery of photos about campervans and travel. A few stray photos made their way in as well, mostly for my VW friends.

“Piglet” was the name we gave our camper. This was taken at Springfield on the South Island.

Here’s a link to the full gallery:
2012 New Zealand Campers Google Photos Gallery

Stay tuned for the full travel write-up…

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