Travel… not yet, “just” planning time

I am busy at work winding things up and down, transferring what I think is important to the people who will carry on the work I’ve been responsible for. I’m actually very busy with all of that, and I’m sure the next 13 days of work I have left will go by very quickly. I’m also getting a lot of lunch invites, which I’m sure will help that along!

Meanwhile, I’m working on my plans for next steps.
Step 1: get through to March 25th and complete all the tasks that need to be done.
Step 2: get a-hold of various people to see what business opportunities exist. I will start setting a schedule based on who is prepared to pay me to be “wherever”. So far the best offers I have are in Europe,  perhaps Babe will get a European sibling…
Step 3: arrange to get Babe out of storage, I will want some time to drive and confirm everything is working right. So a couple of weeks of little trips while I wrap up things from IBM
Step 4: a trial run… a few days of travel, to make sure I’ve gotten all the kinks out. I’m sure there will be things I need to get, or want to adjust. I haven’t tried packing for a trip like this since I took canoe camping seriously and that’s been quite a few years.
Step 5: a multi-week trip, fit in around when I get steps 2-4 done. My target for this is May 1st. I’ve always had a soft spot for May Day since spending it in Oberquembach with family (Uli in particular). That’s a story I should write… very very special to me.
Step 6: apply lessons learned, adjust the gear and packing as appropriate. Fix anything that isn’t ready for an extended trip.
Step 7: see how step 2 is going, and get ready for something big. I imagine 3 months, perhaps longer. And that’s where all thoughts of planning fall apart… I don’t know yet what this step will actually be.

I have places all around Canada and the States in mind, if there’s an opportunity or invitation. I do have invites to stop and visit along the way, there is something about the VW / Vanagon community that amazes me (yes, another blog entry for that on another day). Driveways to “camp” in, beers to celebrate with, suggestions on local hidden gems. I look forward to having the time to write what comes to mind and what is offered.

It will be interesting to see how this loose plan works out… I’m certainly excited at the prospect.

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