One Trip, part of One Month

Back.Back to Toronto, back to the cool temps of early spring up here, back after a nice trip.Back, and already planning the next trip. It was a nice long week away, and the change on the way down was very noticeable! Warmer, greener, more spring-like. A day’s drive took us through Ontario, New York, Pennsylvania […]

Restored and Working… “My Retirement Watch”

Looks great, full of character and beautiful compared to “before” I took my father’s old gold watch in to Bell Jewellers (since 1937) last week to see if it was worth repairing. The woman behind the counter very quietly asked if it had sentimental value, I’m sure she knew it did and that’s a common […]

What an amazing “Hell of the North” today’s Paris-Roubaix was

Cobbles and Classics… today was Paris-Roubaix!  (C) Peter Kraiker Close friends know Andrea and I were intending to go to Belgium for the Ardennes Classics and to see our friend Wim. That trip would have also included Paris-Roubaix. It didn’t pan out (stay tuned), so we watched it online instead. Not nearly the same, although […]

Getting some opportunities, looking forward to exploring them

Photography: I’ve spent the past while organizing my time and putting it together on a calendar to share with the community I’m getting deeper into. And I’ve already gotten some positive feedback on events I thought were questionable… if I can get enough interest to cover expenses I’m all set to go. I know this […]